18 years of Mediatec

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March 1st 2001 – March 1st 2019. Mediatec turn the age of 18 years old. 18 years of continuous grow, always working   with passion, humility, concreteness and most importantly professionalism. This accomplishment would have been possible without the fundamental support of our suppliers and the TRUST of our clients. A special thanks has to be made to our formidable collaborators. As we always reiterate, the success of a company depends on the persons that compose it. Today, the Mediatec group counts about 30 employees between office, production site and external trade.

2019 will be for Mediatec another year of changes, that will take the company to a new level of management and control of all departments, from the purchasing department to the sale’s office, passing through the factory and the warehouse. Despite being 18 years old, we are still “young” with strong desire for continuous improvements.

A year ago, we published the following journal articles and now we can see the results…

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