New Plotter /Cutter Plant 2021

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New Plotter / Cutter plant

As per Investment Plan 2021, at the end of December we expanded our machine fleet with the arrival of a new Plotter/Cutter plant.

With this new plant we have expanded the possibilities of internal production by introducing the plotter.

The plant is designed to cut all kind of rubber materials, foam, plastics, composites, and many more.

The material is processed using blade cutting systems as well as the chip removal milling technique.

It is designed and built to allow “UNIQUE” performance along with extreme ease of use and execution speed.


Seals of any size and thickness.


Plastic materials such as PA6, PE, POM, PTFE, acrylics and polycarbonates

Flexible PVC

Kewlar, Teflon or silicone coated fabric,

Asbestos-free, Graphite (whether or not reinforced)

Foams of any material and density

Rubbers such as EPDM, Polyurethane, Viton, NBR, Para, silicone

Worktop: 3000×2000 mm

Ideal for small and large quantities

No additional costs of cutting dies or moulds for production

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