Thanks to the production facilities and the possibilities of the mechanical workshop we manufacture pieces according to any type and size according to the customer's drawing. Our equipment ensures maximum production flexibility, from single piece to large series. All Mediatec products are certified.

The best precision and productive flexibility possible.

Our workshop, thanks to the latest generation equipment, is able to produce by mechanical machining (chip removal) particulars in any plastic material, machined to customer design.
The work we do is:

  • Milling (even with 5 interpolating axes)
  • Drilling
  • Thread
  • Forming
  • Profiling
  • Turning
  • Cut

We are structured to produce both small quantities and important quantities.

Our technical and production office is available for clarification and / or advice on various materials and different types of workmanship.

We are able to produce gaskets and drawing details by die-casting or cutting.
The materials used are:

Compact rubber compound EPDM, NBR, SBR, VITON, SILICONE in various hardnesses
Exempt asbestos of various types
Graphite and armed graphite
Espansions of various densities
Polyurethane of various hardnesses
Soft plastic PE-PTFE-PVC materials etc.

Our technical office is available for any clarifications and / or advice.

Thanks to the cutting edge cutting system and the use of water only to 3000 bar, we can cut all the rubber and iron materials of any size (up to 150 mm) with centimeter tolerances. For iron materials, Thanks to the use of the Dynamic Waterjet® system you avoid flow and congestion delays, natural and unwanted effects of water cutting technology.
The piece is thus finished after cutting, avoiding the use of laser, wire erosion, cutting or other.
Table size 3600×2000

The materials used for cutting are:

  • Compact rubber compound type EPDM, NBR, SBR, VITON, SILICONE in various hardnesses even of high thickness
  • Execpt asbestos of various types
  • Graphite armed graphite
  • Expansions of various densities
  • Polyurethane of various hardnesses
  • Soft and rigid PE-PTFE-PVC plastic materials

Iron materials:
Inox Steel

Thanks to the simplicity of programming we are able to produce small series or large series.

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