20 years of us

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March 1st 2001 – March 1st 2021 Mediatec celebrates 20 years

Here it is the letter that we stent out to our collaborators, clients and suppliers

We at Mediatec,

Love the path to the summit, as much as the summit itself.

Thanks to the professionalism of our collaborators, to the fidelity of our clients and to the reliability of our suppliers, we can celebrate today 20 years together, 20 years of great achievements.

During our journey, the persons made the difference and we, at Mediatec, know well those persons.

 We are honoured to have by our side our collaborators, for the commitment and dedication proven during these years.

Today March 1st 2021, as 20 years ago, we continue to be determinate in the pursuance of our mission, as if it were the first day

Confident in your commitment and your tenacity, to continue together in our path, a warm hug; strong signal to take back the normality that we deserve.

Happy birthday Mediatec

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